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Kannan Kaya Banana Powder

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Staplegreenz Kannankaya banana powder is rich in Potassium, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Dietary fiber and Micronutrients. It is ideal for all age groups including children and the elderly. Kannankaya banana powder is easily digestible, boosts immunity and is packed with nutrients. It is gluten free.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Per 100 g of the product)

Energy value (Kcal)                    372

Total Carbohydrates (g)            88

Total Protien (g)                         3.89

Total fat (g)                                  0.44

Total ash (g)                                2.94

Calcium (g)                                  0.01

Iron (mg)                                    1.31


Pure raw dehydrated Nendran Banana powder


Prepare raw nendran banana powder porridge in easy steps. Take 2 teaspoons of Staplegreenz Nendran banana powder to one glass milk or water and mix well. Boil and stir for approximately five minutes till it become a smooth paste. Add sugar or powdered jaggery as per preferred choice and taste. Serve in light hot condition as a porridge. SPECIAL NOTE. Dilute the mixture into liquid form and serve to children who have aversion towards solid food .


It is 100 % natural with no added preservatives, minerals, salt or sugar. It is a good health supplement ideal for daily use. This product is not intended to prevent, treat and cure any disease.


Transfer the contents into airtight jar. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight Do not use contents if inner pouch is found open or in damaged condition. After opening use the contents within one month or the expiry date whichever is earlier.

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