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Health Mix

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Health Mix

The health mix from Staplegreenz is a perfect blend of 7 ingredients. It includes Raw banana powder, Raw jackfruit powder, Sprouted ragi powder, Sprouted green gram powder, Sprouted horse gram powder, Sprouted wheat powderand Roasted almond powder. It can be mixed with hot milk and consumed as a porridge, or as a health drink.

 NUTRITIONAL FACTS Approximate composition per 100g of product

Energy Kcal                          382

Carbohydrate g/100g           73.6

Total Sugar g/100g               2.46

Added Sugar g/100g                0

Protein g/100g                       16.4

Sodium mg/100g                   6.43



Raw Banana Powder, Raw Jackfruit Powder, Sprouted Ragi Powder, Sprouted Green Gram Powder, Sprouted Horse Gram Powder, Sprouted Wheat Powder, Roasted Almond powder.


  1. Mix

Add 2 tablespoon of Health mix to one glass of milk.

  1. Cook

Place on stove and bring to boil stirring continuously for 3 minutes to avoid lumps.

  1. Serve

Add Sugar/Jaggery to taste and serve warm.


Zero preservatives. No added vitamins/minerals. Gluten free. 100% Natural. No added salt, sugar, color, and flavor. It is a powerhouse of nutrients, offering a convenient way to incorporate essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your diet. Health mix can be a filling and satisfying snack option, helping with weight management. Calcium and other minerals in health mix can contribute to strong and healthy bones. The fiber content can help regulate digestion and keep your gut healthy. The carbohydrates and natural sugars in health mix can provide a sustained energy boost, making it ideal for pre-workout or morning meals. Health mix usually packs a punch of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins making it a great way to support your overall health.


Transfer the contents into airtight jar. Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and do not use contents if inner pouch is found in open or damaged condition.

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