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Inspired thinking, Sustainable models and Effective action are the foundations upon which the superstructure of great organizations can be reasonably built. Terrafirm is founded on this vision, and it remains committed to be purposed, focused disciplined and enabled for this vision

Staplegreenz farm

Staplegreenz farms and orchards sources raw materials from its own farm as well as from its select community of farmers. It follows strict and fair farm practices for all its cultivations. At every point of procurement and processing, standardized check points and quality measures guarantees  natural and safe products from its state-of-the-art facility

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Dehydrated Products

Ready to Eat Snacks



Featured Products

Nendran Banana Powder

KannanKaya Banana Powder

Jackfruit Flour


Why buy staplegreenz products

Discover the pure essence of nature in every Staplegreenz product. Here we craft healthy, natural, and sustainable offerings, in our own farm based facility for a healthier and happier you

Manufactured in own state of the art facility

We take pride in crafting premium organic products in our own facility situated in a five acre farm on the banks of famous River Periyar, Kerala. Our QC lab and process compliances ensure the highest quality parameters from the seed to the shelf

Natural and good for health

Where we craft premium natural products for wellness, blending pure ingredients with sustainable practices to nurture your health and enhance your natural radiance.

Engages latest technology

Engages latest technology and manufacturing process to ensure quality, nutrition and essential natural parameters

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